Is Jade Simmons Qualified? A Question Might Come to Your Mind | Incredible Interview 2020

by mirotvpublished on October 15, 2020
is jade simmons qualified?

Jade Simmons qualified:

Is Jade Simmons Qualified? Well, Independent Presidential Candidate, Jade Simmons brings to the table a lifelong history of focus, discipline, and achievement. When everyone around her was choosing easier to stomach issues to champion, she chose the issue we couldn’t afford to ignore. She will continue to prioritize people over-popularity. Jade Simmons is qualified as a presidential candidate.

Operation Restoration believes in the power of a unified nation.

We exist because of our current political system’s inability to put the American people before party loyalties and its tendency to deny the truth in defense of keeping power. The injustices that many demographics have endured without consequence make it easy for those in power to profit from pitting black against white, civilians against law enforcement, rich against poor, and men against women.

A vibrant voice confidently speaking truth to power on both sides of the aisle, Is Jade Simmons Qualified? Jade Simmons operation restoration is on a mission to help repair the damage done to the cultural fabric of America in this unprecedented age of division. She represents those who feel their faith, their gender, and their race have been held hostage by political parties hellbent on posing opposition at all costs.

As a social change agent, Jade looks to uncover common ground and expose more opportunity for unity amongst groups once thought to have nothing in common. The sought-after activational speaker and world-class concert artist is brought in by the world’s superlative brands and organizations to create transformational shifts in the way people think and operate.

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Is Jade Simmons Qualified?

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