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Brandy Brunson

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Business Consultant

Brandy Brunson

Brandy Brunson is a talented Business Entrepreneur that is located in Philadelphia, PA. She is the Owner of Brave Enterprises LLC. and Founder of Life After Sobriety Inc. She’s also partnered with many innovative business leaders to make their visions of business, and brand expansion a reality. Brandy The Brave Brunson, specializes in genuine leadership and has mentored many business owners to reach a higher magnitude. Her mission is to point business owners in the right direction, so they are able to achieve their objectives. Brandy The Brave Brunson is very influential. Her resume and portfolio precede her well. Brandy The Brave Brunson is a very influential speaker; with the ability to energize the spirit and mind of a true business owner. She is highly motivated and proven “That not only you can rise in victory, but also in defeat.”

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