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Romoulous Malachi

Romoulous Malachi Creator and Writer of Miroglyphics:

Gerald Colley is a veteran of the United States Army and served in the Special Forces. He specialized in computer systems and military operations. After being discharged from the United States Armed Forces; he returns to his hometown in Queens, New York. A few weeks later he is offered a position with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to build a Space Ship for Galaxy Travel. This Space Ship would also be equipped with weapons and defense for navigating against asteroids.

In this black comics, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sends him a scientist named Cameron Jefferson alias (Neon), who is secretly working in cahoots with the terrorist organization called Karkase. During the top secret project, Neon becomes amazed with the knowledge and skills that Gerald Colley has in computer science and electronic engineering. Later that night, he informs Ecstasy about a potential soldier that would become an asset to Karkase. Ecstasy, secretly conjures up a plan, to capture him after the project is complete.

He orders Blizzard, the leader of his specialized task force called the Barracudas, to complete this mission. After the completion of the project, Neon signals the Barracudas to infiltrate the government facility with several other Karkase Soldiers. Blizzard, Parasite, and Mainstreet are on the scene disguised as government Agents, after assassinating several government personnel. They enter the lab with the deceased government personnel badges.

Gerald Colley commics is oblivious to the fact black entertainment, that he is facing imminent danger, and continues the final testing procedures.

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Romoulous Malachi
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