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Nicholas Styles Comics

Nicholas Styles Comics:

Nicholas Styles Leader of the Katalambano. Defending the world against the evil terrorist organization called Karkase. The black comics Katalambano code name “Torah Knights” is a secret militia that remains underground, designed by NATO. They summoned Suju and the Dynamic Trio to recruit men who were rejected and considered the scum of the earth.

The few who are chosen will defend the world against Karkase, an evil terrorist organization that kills and marks the danger sign on its victims, determined to rule the world. In this black entertainment comics The leader is Nicholas Styles, who is rejected from the military for failing a leadership school and was denied an appeal to retest because his RCP has expired.

In this Nichola Styles Comics, hes is recruited to serve in the militia. He learns that becoming a leader reflects great responsibility. Ecstasy is the leader of Karkase. He tries to deceive the world to focus on the Katalambano’s outward appearance. Although the militia was granted amnesty by NATO, society still visualizes them as the outcast. These black heroes sole mission is to defend the world from terrorism.

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Nicholas Styles Comics
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