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Coco Bluff Comics

Coco Bluff Comics:

Coco Bluff is a black action hero Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and a casino owner that went bankrupt after being dissed raw deals with his executive staff. His birth name is Raheem Abdul and Coco Bluff was also a loan shark for a notorious mafia in Philadelphia called Marconix. Coco bluff comics are absolutely amazing. Coco Bluff initially took out a loan to open a casino in Philadelphia.

Coco Bluff a Black Action Hero:

The Casino opened in two thousand and twenty and later became a lucrative Casino. The Casino was even rank three in the Nation inside the magazine edition of Business Madness Magazine. The Marconix approached Coco Bluff for partnership after reading the article in Business Madness Magazine. Raheem Abdul didn’t want to accept their offer, because he wanted to be an Independent Business Owner. Unfortunately, Marconix couldn’t take Raheem Abdul from rejecting their partnership. Marconix pretends as if there wasn’t any hard feelings and arranges a private meeting at the Coco Bluff gambling casino.

During the after party, the Marconix secretly persuades Raheem Abdul to continue the after party at his gambling casino inside the VIP room (Very Important Person). After convincing Raheem Abdul to extend the party, Marconix secretly ties Raheem Abdul up inside the Coco Bluff and proceeds to assassinate him. Marconix then, forges his signature with legal documents to designate an evil corrupted Politician as heir of the estate. After his money was stolen, the casino was set on fire, Raheem Abdul is killed, but will later seek revenge on Marconix. During the fire, God sends an Angel named Lennox to rescue his remains from the flaming building.

Lennox takes him to a secluded area in the city and breathe life into his lungs. Black action hero, then later heals his body from the gunshot wounds under God’s authority. Heaven sends him a Guardian Angel name Lennox, to allow this casino owner a second chance to live if he uses his supernatural powers to defend the good from evil.

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