You WILL NOT HAVE Business Success If You Don’t Follow-up in 2020.

The StartUp Junkie Show – Live is dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs, Wannapreneur, and Business owners GET STARTED ALREADY!
This show focuses on developing entrepreneur ideas and bringing to market.

The Promise: Listening to this podcast you will learn how to:

👉 How to start and run a business successfully.

👉 How to run a business “lean”, reduce startup cost, and create a new product or service (online and storefront)

👉 Scale your business, grow revenue, and increase profits

👉 Learn Marketing, Sales, and the functions of a business

✅ How To Create Business System that works

👉 And so much more…

This podcast is really for those who want to start a business but need help and advice from those who have done it! With a background in Radio and Television Media, Anthony “AJ” Johnson is a Serial Entrepreneur and MBA College Professor. He has had much success! AJ also develops course content for universities and has generated millions of dollars in sales. Currently runs Inc. Verified company, ThinkGrids Media. Success If You Don’t Follow-up.

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